How people should react to my puns

The shit I deal with

Is something happening with Homestuck what have I been missing

When someone asks you to get together and you really want to but you have a PRIOR COMMITMENT

What is #Catan and why am I playing it

I wonder if the debate on who started “caw caw motherfucker” is still going on between the Homestuck fandom and the Avengers fandom

reallywonderwoman asked:
if u ever screenshot another one of my ugly snapchat faces i will come to your house, unstaple your testicles and torque them myself you little shit

Oh, you mean like this one?

Or this one?

Three large pancakes, two eggs, plus a plate of hash browns later and I’m still hungry

I literally just sent someone a 14-text-long message that started with the words “long story short”

God damnit god damnit god damnit

Every time I go to bed before eleven, it results it me waking up around one and not being able yo get back to sleep

Literally every time

God damnit my post keeps fucking up