I’m already seeing results from this shit hecka hecka rad rad

The year is 3056. All modern websites are nothing more than a distant memory. The world is in shambles. Physics, geology, medicine, chemistry, biology; all knowledge of these fields and more has been lost. People have forgotten how to do even the most basic of research. There is no more hope without

The science side of tumblr

Made a #paracord wrap for my #MOLLE sheath so I don’t have to take up space on my wrist #hellstotheyeah

Ok but look at this gigantic, 9’7” (over 10’ with the fringe) #Slytherin #scarf that Daniele made for me #Iamsopumped #likeSOpumpd #likehellawestcoastpumped

Just an hour of Insanity today and I’ll be done with my first week

A fully-grown, adult man came into my store today and, after making his purchase, walked around and started putting googly eyes on random things #oh

Skype conversations get deep

There were straight jabs as part of Insanity today

But Matt and I basically just did Krav drills, instead

Five minutes into Insanity: “Fuck you, Shaun T”

By the way if y’all don’t wanna see dumb workout related posts then I’d blacklist “P90sparity” like pronto