I’m pretty sure when I get my first tattoo I’m gonna tell like 2-5 people and just let everyone else eventually notice

Microsoft released Dishonored for free to Gold members

And the Dishonored GOTY edition has a second disc with just the DLC

Which I can buy used from GameStop

Y’all know what that means

I love beer descriptions; they’re the most wonderfully pretentious things. #prettygoodtho

Two left shoes in different sizes. Holding the ball all sorts’a wrong. My name is Happens. Got cut short. Everything was wrong.


Get it together, Barack

Why I didn’t see this coming is beyond me

migratingmeanders replied to your post: I have a very specific method to make …

That is the least efficient patch-sewery I have ever seen, and I made it through three girl scout troops

Well the thing is that it STARTS out really efficiently

I promise you that it does

And if I could remove all that bullshit in the middle but that would require like four more stitches and I mean who has time for that

I have a very specific method to make sure my circular patches stay properly aligned when I sew them on. Is it a nightmare? Yes. But boy does it work.

"Let’s make a toast to Rigel’s balls!"


Thanks, Aubrey’s mom

Red Dead Redemption is not a game that lets you walk away feeling satisfied

As much as I’m enjoying Red Dead Redemption

I have to say any game that allows you to be randomly killed by an unavoidable, single-hit fatality is full of shit